Information technologies

JSC Lenenergo development as a hi-tech and socially responsible grid company is closely linked to development of reliable and available infrastructure of information technologies. The Company follows the strategy in the field of information technologies, automation and telecommunications for the period till 2016 (ITT-strategy) approved by the Board of Directors on 31.07.2012. ITT-strategy defines a mission, strategic objectives of development, strategic

Actions for implementation of provisions ITT- strategy are formed annually and approved by decisions of the Board of Directors of JSC Lenenergo. Execution of actions on ITT-strategy also is supervised by the Company’s Board of Directors.

In 2013 JSC Lenenergo introduced own infrastructure of the catalog of accounts and corporate mail service on the basis of Microsoft software. In all branches of the Company reserve systems of all-corporate catalogs of accounts and e-mail were installed. The project on system development of communication networks and the target program on development of the direction were developed.


In 2013 works on laying of the network of fiber-optical communication cables were completed and two basic rings of communication in St. Petersburg were launched:

  • SGH ring with speed of 2.5 GGB for organization of telemetry channels, direct dispatching and technological circuit;
  • MPLS ring with speed of 10.0 GGB for organization of corporate network for data transmission and work of various applications.

Besides, a series of fiber-optical communication lines (transits) was installed. In 2014 it is planned to complete works on their connection to the basic ring of St. Petersburg, and to lay the fiber-optical communication line to Vyborg. Further it is planned to expand the network of fiber-optical cables and to increase the number of users of SDH and MPLS rings.

The situational and analytical center equipped with the most up-to-date communication and information transmission systems which activity is focused on prevention of emergence and elimination of consequences of failures and other emergency situations was established in the Company.

In the field of development of telecommunications in 2013 the Company also:

  • organized digital communication channels and data transmission from 50 substations 110 kV of JSC Lenenergo in St. Petersburg;
  • completed construction of fiber-optical communication lines with new points of access to the corporate network;
  • completed construction of the basic ring of a multiservice network of corporate communication;
  • completed construction of Eastern and Southern half-rings for connection of regional transits to the basic ring;
  • purchased 15 automatic telephone stations with a view of construction of own telecommunication network;
  • upgraded mobile network of radio communication in branches Kingisepp Electrical Networks and Novaya Ladoga Electrical Networks;
  • developed the program on upgrade of high-frequency communication channels.

Corporate and technological business applications

In 2013 projects on introduction and development of information systems and corporate business applications were implemented in JSC Lenenergo, and the following processes were automated:



Formation and control over execution of competitive procedures

Information system AMS Procurements

Investment projects control

Information system Investpro as a part of uniform information system Alpha

Certification of  power network equipment

Part of control system of production assets on the basis of SAP software

Management of construction and investment development projects

Oracle Primavera software

Accounting of technological violations

Program complex Accidence

Maintaining electronic archive of documents on technological connection

Customized application

Plans on expansion of IT application

In 2014 and during the subsequent periods JSC Lenenergo plans to proceed with implementation ITT-strategy, including further automation of the Company’s activity.

Pursuant to the principle of continuous upgrade of available IT resources the Company updates its computers, office, telecommunication and processing equipment and information systems.

Among perspective projects in the field of IT there are:

  • creation of corporate GIS-system in which the processes of collecting and processing of information, integration of data of existing information systems, visualization of objects on a geospatial basis will be automated. The system will also provide automation of the processes of technical connection of consumers;
  • introduction of a hardware-software complex Uniform Integration Wire for ensuring reliability and urgency of data of continuous business processes of various structural divisions;
  • introduction of a uniform control system for maintenance and repair of power network equipment.