Innovations and R&D

Innovative development program

In 2013 JSC Lenenergo proceeded with implementation of the innovative development program for 2011-2016, approved by the Board of Directors in 2011 (Minutes of the Board of Directors # 2 of 29.07.2011) and adjusted in 2012 (Minutes # 8 of meeting of the Board of Directors of JSC Lenenergo of 27.08.2012).

In 2013 RUB 2,782.1 mln were spent on innovative activities in the field of power efficiency increase and development of innovative technologies and R&D that is 66% higher than the year before. The main volume of spent funds is the share of innovative activities in the field of power efficiency increase (RUB 2,421.9 mln in 2013).

Trial operation of innovative equipment

In 2013 the Company proceeded with works in the field of trial operation of innovative equipment.

Power transformer 110 kV
with dielectric low-combustible liquid MIDEL

Produced by LLC ABB.
It is planned to installation at substation 110 kV # 369 “Shipbuilding institute”.

Decrease in the level of threat for environment and fire safety increase in city conditions at operation of power transformers 110 kV, increase of power supply reliability of consumers.

Module PASS M0 N
(GIS 110 kV)

Produced by LLC ABB.
Planned installation site: substation 110 kV # 80 “Ust-Slavyanka”.

Reduction of the area for placement of equipment 110 kV, increase of power supply reliability of consumers, decrease in the volume of engineering and construction works on installation of equipment on substation 110 kV.

Microprocessor terminals
of a series BEMP RU

Produced by CJSC ChEAZ (Cheboksary).
Planned installation site: DTS 7935, DTS 1917 pf JSC Lenenergo branch Cable Network.

Increase of power supply reliability of consumers.

Integrated switchgear 10 kV Eltima
in a block and modular building

Produced by CJSC Elektronmash.
Planned installation site: substation 110 kV # 257 “Kronshtadskaya” of JSC Lenenergo branch Gatchina Electric Networks.

Increase of power supply reliability of consumers.

Gas-insulated switches of type
VGP-110-40/3150U1 with a spring drive
and gas-insulated transformers
of current of type TGF-110III

Produced by JSC Electromechanical Plant.
Installation site: substation 110 kV # 484 “Ryabovo” of JSC Lenenergo branch Gatchina Electric Networks.

Increase of power supply reliability of consumers.


In 2013 JSC Lenenergo went on with implementation of projects in the field of research and development under the program of innovative development. The total amount of R&D financing for the reporting period totaled RUB 40.2 mln (considering payment of accounts payable).

The priority attention was given to such directions as

  • system issues of electric networks development
  • elaboration of secondary equipment of substations, including the means of protection, control, automatic equipment, measurements and monitoring

Priority R&D programs

Method of laser air-scanning of CL 35–110 kV

In Q3 2013 R&D work “Development and application of techniques for assessment of condition of the electronetwork equipment with application of modern tool methods and laser air-scanning for management of assets of JSC Lenenergo branch - Kingisepp electric networks” within the program of innovative development was completed.

The method of laser air-scanning provides estimation of a technical condition and receiving a 3D-model of overhead transmission lines 35–110 kV that essentially reduces time of emergency recovery operations. The Company conducted survey of 118 overhead transmission lines 35–110 kV in the general extent of 1,942.6 km with application of this technique. The database received by results of inspection will be introduced in a control system of production assets of JSC Lenenergo. The Company submitted an application in the federal executive authority on intellectual property on obtaining a patent for the database. Issue of the patent is expected in Q1 2014.

Signaling Device of Relay Protection and Automatic Equipment (SD RPAE)

In Q3 2013 &D work “Development of signaling device of relay protection and automatic equipment (SD RPAE) for power lines 6–110 kV” was completed. SD RPAE developed within the project is intended for protection of air, cable and mixed air and cable power lines 6–110 kV in networks with effectively grounded or isolated (compensated) neutral.

SD RPAE provides comparison of signals from the combined filter DZL (DFZ) and accepted on the communication line on a phase and signal formation on power outage, duplex transfer of two discrete signals, control of serviceability of device and communication channel. The Company intends to put SD RPAE in operation on the facilities of substation # 88 – HES-15, substation # 40 – substation # 17, substation # 13 – substation # 14.

Mode of resistive neutral grounding of a power transformer

In Q3 2013 the standard “Guidelines at the choice of a mode of neutral grounding in electric networks of 6–35 kV” developed within performance of R&D work “Research of operation modes of network equipment at various methods of a neutral grounding and development of guidelines at the choice of the mode of a neutral grounding in electric networks 6–35 kV” (Order of JSC Lenenergo # 334 of 25.06.2013) was introduced in the Company.

In 2013 distributive networks 10 kV of substation 110 kV # 75 “Lakhta” and substation 110 kV # 155 of “Piskarevka” were completely transferred to resistive neutral grounding.

Within the project resistors with a size of active resistance 30 Om were installed on substation 110 kV # 75 “Lakhta” and substation 110 kV # 155 of “Piskarevka”. Besides, current transformers, equipment of relay protection and telemechanics were installed on all BCTSs.

Introduction of the mode of resistive neutral grounding of grid will provide automatic shutdown of connection with single-phase short circuit on the ground, lower the level of overvoltage and probability of damage of the electronetwork equipment, increase reliability of cables and other elements of grid, and prolong term of their operation.

Introduction of Smart Grid

Intellectual network (“smart” grid) is a qualitatively new condition of power electric networks which assumes integration of electric networks, consumers and producers of electric power within the uniform automated system. Smart Grid independently traces operating modes of all participants of the process of generation, transmission and consumption of electricity real-time. Getting online feedback via a multidivisional system of sensors, Smart Grid automatically responds to all changes occurring in the grid, making optimum decisions for accident prevention.

In 2013 JSC Lenenergo held a series of projects on expansion of the use of smart active and adaptive grid, including introduction of the automated information and measuring system of commercial electricity metering (AIMS CEM), implemented the target program on upgrade of the systems of telemechanics, installed reclosers in networks 6–10 kV, and performed a complex of works within the investment project “Complex development of electric networks of Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg”.