Technical policy

The most important challenge of JSC Lenenergo is creation of new power network infrastructure on the basis of innovative development, upgrade and improvement of applied technologies. In the field of technological development the Company aspires to adopt the best Russian and foreign experience.

In 2013 the Board of Directors of JSC Lenenergo approved the Regulations of JSC Rosseti about uniform technical policy in the power network complex (further – the Regulations) as the internal document of the Company (Minutes # 19 of the meeting of the Board of Directors of JSC Lenenergo of 30.12.2013). All projects of JSC Lenenergo on new construction and reconstruction included in the investment program of JSC Lenenergo are implemented with observance of the requirements of uniform technical policy.

The goal of uniform technical policy in the power network complex consists in ensuring increase of reliability and efficiency of functioning of the power network complex in short-term and medium-term prospect at maintenance of the appropriate level of industrial and environmental safety on the basis of the innovative principles of development providing non-discriminatory access to electric networks to all participants of the market.

A specialized scientific and technical council (STC) which considers the issues of research and development, trial operation of equipment and materials during its sessions operates in JSC Lenenergo. In 2013 five sessions of STC were carried out.


Considered issues:

Integration of technical policy directions in practice

The technical policy is implemented in JSC Lenenergo on a number of key directions, including application of new technologies and equipment in various segments of activity.

Segments of activity

Work directions

In 2013 JSC Lenenergo proceeded with implementation of a series of projects within uniform technical policy, including the program of renovation of cable networks 6–110 kV and the program of renovation of cable network 6–110 kV in St. Petersburg, financed by federal budget funds. In 2013 the Company launched implementation of the investment project “Complex development of electric networks of Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg”.

Trial operation of equipment, materials and technologies

JSC Lenenergo activity in the field of trial operation of equipment is regulated by the Regulations on introduction of new equipment and technologies in trial operation, approved by Order of JSC Lenenergo # 758 of 29.12.2012.

In 2013 trial operation of the following equipment was completed on JSC Lenenergo facilities:

OF SERIES OPN-PK-110/77-10-680-UHL1

Produced by LLC Tavrida Electric SPB installed on substation 110 kV # 103 substation 110 kV # 124, substation 110 kV # 193

OPN-RK-110 are intended for protection against switching and storm overvoltage of electric equipment of power networks 110 kV with effectively grounded neutral.

During the STC session of JSC Lenenergo results of trial operation of equipment were recognized positive.

Recloser 35 kV of type Smart PBA35

Produced by  LLC Tavrida Electric SPB installed as partitioning point on CL 35 kV Gostilitskaya-1 in JSC Lenenergo branch Kingisepp Electric Networks

Recloser Smart35 is the first switching device in the voltage class 35 kV which is directly installed on poles of power transmission lines 35 kV.

At NTS JSC Lenenergo meeting results skilled operation of the equipment are recognized as the positive.

Remotely-controlled disconnector RMNSA
with an automated drive PA-N-1-UHL1

Produced by JSC SPA Pribor installed on CL 10 kV f. 39-05 in JSC Lenenergo branch Lodeynoye Pole Electric Networks

Among major advantages of disconnector RMNSA is possibility of its application for connection of switching devices (disconnectors, reclosers, switches) under automated control systems for «smart» grids development.

Results of trial operation should be considered at a STC session of JSC Lenenergo in Q2 2014.