Interaction with shareholders and investment community

Effective interaction with shareholders and investment community is included into the number of key priorities of JSC Lenenergo.

The Company aspires to provide the maximum transparency of its activity, supporting continuous productive dialogue with representatives of investment community, market analysts of share and debt capital. A key task of the Company in the field of interaction with shareholders and investors is receiving a fair assessment of business and increase of its investment appeal.

The Company aspires to construct regular and effective dialogue with investment community, paying much attention to communication with analysts and investors both of share and debt market. The Company endeavors to provide operatively information on inquiries of analysts, investors and minority shareholders. Management of the Company is always open for carrying out individual meetings, conference calls, participation in investment conferences.

The Company pursues active policy in the field of information disclosure: besides the obligatory disclosure which is carried out within the current legislation, the Company on a constant basis publishes supplementary materials containing essential information for shareholders and potential investors on its website. Hence, on a quarterly basis the Company publishes IR releases on operational and financial performance of the Company for the reporting period (both under RAS and IFRS). By results of a fiscal year and when necessary the Company prepares IR presentations containing information on key results and long-term forecasts accompanied by essential comments. The Company also directs all publicized materials to the interested persons signed up for news.

Efforts of the Company on maintaining open and transparent information policy were highly appreciated by representatives of professional community: annual reports of JSC Lenenergo twice (for 2011 and 2012) won the nomination “The best disclosure of information in the annual report by companies with capitalization below RUB 10 bn” at annual competitions of annual reports organized by JSC Moscow Exchange.