Sustainable performance in the field of procurements

The policy of JSC Lenenergo in the field of procurements is based on the principles of openness and transparency. The Company aspires to increase the level of efficiency at competition of participants of procurement procedures, and achievement of the maximum economic effect.

Key goals of the Company in the field of procurements:

Procurement activity of JSC Lenenergo is regulated by the relevant federal laws, resolutions of the government and internal documents and is implemented according to the annual comprehensive program of procurements (ACPP). Organization and carrying out procurement procedures in the Company are included into the competence of Department of logistics and material support consisting of Division of procurements planning, Division of preparation and carrying out competitions, Division of logistics and marketing Division.

ACPP includes all procurements of production (goods, works and services) which cost exceeds RUB 500,000 (VAT included). The form of ACPP is approved by the Regulations. The methods of procurements are determined by all sections of ACPP according to the Regulations and are held by various ways, including open competition, open auction, open request of offers, open inquiry of prices, open competitive negotiations, and purchase at the unique supplier.

ACPP is formed on the basis of the programs defining the Company’s production activities and is approved by the Board of Directors. ACPP is published on the official website ( and on JSC Lenenergo website ( in the section «Procurement». The official website is used as the basic information resource at carrying out procurements.

During implementation of ACPP its adjustment is allowed by results of approval of electricity transmission tariffs in the bodies of state regulation, in connection with adjustments of parameters of the Company’s business plan, or if competitive procedures are required to be held in the current period due to the projects of the next year.

By results of procurement activity the Department of logistics and material support forms quarterly reports on which the Director General of the Company reports to JSC Russian Grids and, following the results of the year, to the Company’s Board of Directors. Quarterly reports of the Director General for 2013 are coordinated by the central procurement commission (CPC) of JSC Russian Grids for Q1 by Minutes # 18 of 06.06.2013, for Q2 (6 months) by Minutes # 28 of 24.09.2013, for Q3 (9 months) by Minutes # 1 of 17.01.2014, and for Q4 (12 months) by Minutes # 7 of 03.03.2014.

In 2013 the Company installed software “Automated system for procurements control” allowing operatively tracing submission of documents within procurement procedures by JSC Lenenergo branches.

Introduction of e-commerce

In the reporting period 2,219 procurements with selection of the winner in the total cost of RUB 38 bn with VAT included were held.

From them 2,077 procurements for the sum of RUB 37,145.5 mln with VAT (99% of total procurements) were held with application of e-commerce. Economic effect by results of open competitive procurement procedures for 2013 totaled RUB 1,810.9 mln with VAT, or 5% of the planned declared cost of competitive procurements.

In 2013 JSC Lenenergo held 99% of procurement procedures in an electronic form with the use of virtual e-trading platforms, on the Internet.
The official site is used as the basic information resource.